Warrior’s Quest.

31 min.  |  Boxing  |  Cuba 

Duncan embarks on a journey through Cuba, uncovering powerful lessons of perseverance and determination within the world of boxing. Local fighters share inspiring stories about the hardships and victories of life in Cuba, as they prepare Duncan for his fight.

39 min.  |  Laamb Wrestling  |  Senegal

Stepping out of his comfort zone and into the ring, Duncan finds out that the outcome of most of our fights are determined in the spiritual realm. As he prepares for his “Laamb” fight in Senegal, he meets and trains with passionate fighters, coaches and spiritual guides.

36 min.  |  Kok Boru  |  Kyrgyzstan

As technology further propels the globalization of the world, the vast plains of Kyrgyzstan still serve its people as a stronghold for their nomadic lifestyle. Duncan saddles up and goes deep into the mountains, to experience the ancient sport of Kok Boru.

34 min.  |  Bare Knuckle Boxing  |  England

In the modern era of martial arts an old fighting guild resurfaces on the main stage of combat. Duncan is taken in by local fighters, as they share their struggles and open up about how bare knuckle boxing helps them overcome their challenges outside of the pit.