Newcastle, England

EP04: Mental Strength

In the modern era of martial arts an old fighting guild resurfaces on the main stage of combat. Duncan is taken in by local fighters, as they share their struggles and open up about how bare knuckle boxing helps them overcome their challenges outside of the pit.

Bone on bone

Combat sports has a new player stepping into the lime light. Surpassing boxing, wrestling and even MMA, bare knuckle boxing is taking center stage as the fastest growing combat sports of the world. Originating in the early 1800’s, this brutal and illegal sport has experienced a new surge of popularity.

Are we regressing into barbaric ways of entertainment or is there more to it? Local fighters share their mental struggles and how their fights help them challenge their problems and force them into a grueling training regime and progressing to obtaining their goals.

Crew: Duncan Jansen, Joost Frijters, Thomas Breure, Hendrink Do, Luc Smith, Martijn Wiltink, The Social Routine, Lucien Löwe.



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