Dakar, Senegal

EP02: Spirituality

Stepping out of his comfort zone and into the ring, Duncan finds out that the outcome of most of our fights are determined in the spiritual realm. As he prepares for his “Laamb” fight in Senegal, he meets and trains with passionate fighters, coaches and spiritual guides.

The Calling Of Ancestors

Derived from the Wolof-language, the language of one of the many tribes of Senegal, laamb wrestling is the only form of wrestling where combatants are also allowed to hit each other. 

The Senegale people believe that it is not the strongest wrestler that wins, but the one that is able to summon the strength of his ancestors, as a fight is mainly won in the spiritual planes and manifests itself into our physical world. Its popularity creates local superstars, which are adored and idolized. Can the sport serve as a way out of poverty and into stardom?

Crew: Duncan Jansen, Tristan Roeleveld, Joost Frijters, Thomas Breure, Hendrink Do, Luc Smith, Martijn Wiltink, The Social Routine, Lucien Löwe.



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