Bishkek, Kyrgyzstan

EP03: Tradition

As technology further propels the globalization of the world, the vast plains of Kyrgyzstan still serve its people as a stronghold for their nomadic lifestyle. Duncan saddles up and goes deep into the mountains, to experience the ancient sport of Kok Boru.

Passing on traditions

For this episode, Duncan travels to Bishkek, where a local hero takes him under his wing to teach him the dangerous sport of Kok Boru, a rugby like equestrian sport performed by fighting over a dead goat.

While the ways of the Kyrgyz people may seem rough, they take great pride in their symbiotic relationship with nature. As urbanization slowly increases in Kyrgyzstan, the majority of the people still call the mountains their home, where they herd their cattle and trade their goods. And as they say: a real Kyrgyz is born on a horse and will die on a horse, as they together travel the outstretched lands.

Crew: Duncan Jansen, Joost Frijters, Thomas Breure, Hendrink Do, Luc Smith, Martijn Wiltink, The Social Routine, Lucien Löwe.



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