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Duncan Jansen

Duncan Jansen is the presenter of “We Were Warriors”. He is a former rugby international from The Netherlands and as a social worker he helps out stranded young men by sharing his insights of the game of rugby, along with its core values discipline, respect and the joy of being part of a team. In his quest to find modern day warriors and share their teachings with the world, he travels around the globe to highlight their values and traditions and seeks to reconnect with his own warrior spirit.

Duncan’s hands on mentality earns him the respect of the local warrior communities he visits. His curiosity to discover the values of other cultures, pushes him beyond his own limits when put to the test. Eager to soak up every last bit of information, Duncan dives down into the world of his coaches and local fighters who take him under their wing. Without prejudice, he has heartwarming and valuable conversations with his subjects. All with the goal to learn their ways and discover their values and traditions.

About We Were Warriors

From Student To Warrior

From the remote mountains of Central Asia to the bustling cities of the Americas, Duncan immerses himself in the training and culture of these modern-day warriors, learning their techniques, and experiencing their way of life.

Throughout the series, Duncan shares his struggles and triumphs as he pushes himself to the limit, both physically and mentally. With little to no experience in martial arts, he learns the importance of mental toughness, self-awareness and discipline, as he prepares for the ultimate test by stepping in the ring for a fight.

Along the way, he discovers the power of tradition and the importance of preserving and passing on the legacy of the warrior. Duncan’s journey is not just about learning to fight, but also about learning to live, survive and thrive.

Produced And Directed By

In his quest to share the wisdom and life lessons of ancient martial arts and the warriors who practice them, he met Joost Frijters, a young documentary filmmaker. Duncan and Joost have developed a friendship on the rugby field. While Duncan was coaching his team, Joost was filming a documentary about two young men trying to get their life back on track while under Duncan’s wing. Duncan and Joost immediately established a connection, matching each other’s energy, enthusiasm and concern with the current status quo in our society. With their curious personalities, youthful spirit and determination, they embarked on a journey that takes them to the most remote places to find out the true meaning of being a warrior.

We Were Warriors

Meet the crew

Duncan Jansen 🇳🇱

Host / Producer

Joost Frijters 🇳🇱

Director / Filmmaker

Thomas Breure 🇳🇱

Art director / Designer

Eugene Bosman 🇿🇦

Strength & Conditioning Coach

Isnoeldis Fuentes 🇨🇺

Trainer Boxing, Cuba

Pathe 'Big Pato' Boye 🇸🇳

Trainer Laamb wrestling, senegal

Aidar Urmatbekov 🇰🇬

Trainer Kok Boru, Kyrgyzstan